Satellite TV

Bell Satellite TV offers the best satellite TV service in the country. Its comprehensive programming includes many HD channels and blockbuster movies, in addition to on-demand content.


Choose the HD channels you want from a large selection that will make the entire family happy. Bell TV also offers a wide choice of international channels.

You won’t miss anything!

Something has come up and you can’t be home when your favourite TV show is on? Watch it later, when you want to with the HD recorder, which can store up to 150 hours of HD TV content. Also, you won’t have to choose between shows, because the PVR lets you record two shows at the same time.

You forgot to program a movie before leaving for your vacation? Nothing could be easier, you can do it from anywhere in Canada with the Fibe™ TV app. Enjoy  even more channels on more devices with this easy-to-use app.