Bell FibeTM  Internet: Super-fast Speeds

Fibe™ Internet gives you access to a reliable signal and speeds up to 1000 Mbps* to do everything you enjoy doing online. Don’t forget that you can combine this speed with the Unlimited Internet option!

There’s nothing faster than light. Fibre optic uses light to deliver the Internet. It’s the fastest Internet technology. So you can search, surf, stream or do whatever you want at the speed of light. And only Bell brings fibre optic Internet directly to your home.*

*Where fibre to home is available

Unlimited Internet Option

Add an unlimited Internet option to your Bell Fibe™ Internet plan, and browse without having to worry about your monthly usage.
This way, the entire family will be happy.

No more wasting time with FibeTM  Internet!

The exceptional speed of Fibe™ Internet lets you enjoy every experience to the fullest.

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    10 MB

    1 Gbps
    0.1 sec
    50 Mbps
    2 sec
    15 Mbps
    6 sec